CSR = Risk

The Fad, Faults & Failures of CSR

CSR examples

Examples of Funny & Futile CSR. Many large Multi-National Corporations use CSR as standard practice. Read about your favorite MNCs.


Companies are leaving the CSR Fad faster than ever. After years of showing off their CSR, few companies now claim it. See pictures & proof here.

CSR GroupThink

CSR creates a culture of conformity within companies. Few employees will question do-good CSR programs. Corporations also conform to the ideas & fads of society, whether good or bad.

Sustainability Report

Make your own Sustainability Report! Using Microsoft Word anyone can make this popular corporate report.

CSR Pictures

Click here to see CSR Pictures, pretty pictures. Nothing demonstrates the conformity and superficial culture of CSR than the covers of corporate CSR reports.

Unethical CSR

the Fraud & Marketing ploy of CSR. Corporations use social & environmental problems as advertising.

The Unspoken Faults of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a 'win-win' strategy. Few policies or practices provide only benefits for society and shareholders without costs. There are downsides, costs & risks involved. However, these are almost completely unknown & unspoken.

Investing in 'Responsible' Corps?

Are CSR-show-off companies good investments? Studies disagree. CSR is usually a sign of bureaucracy & wasteful spending, even unethical behavior.

CSR Self Regulation

CSR is widely considered to be a self regulatory mechanism. Is it socially responsible for corporations to regulate themselves?

CSR Evolution

CSR has evolved many times to correct its weaknesses. This never works. It is eventually going extinct, existing in name only.

CSR Created Risk

The probability that CSR creates negative consequences for a corporation, in areas of: reputation, financial, agency, legal, regulatory, operational, opportunity cost or governance.


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Liberal Corporations

What's better than a corporation being criticized for greed & profiteering? A liberal corporation being criticized for greed & profiteering. American Apparel, Starbucks, Apple; everyone's favorite liberal corps.


NGOs are already criticized for being imperialist & neo-liberal. Now 'strategic partnerships' between corporations and NGOs are another issue. NGOs are taking corporate money and acting as marketing departments.

Social Business

Some firms use the label 'Social Business' to describe themselves. This is no more than a camouflage strategy. By mimicking a charity, firms avoid criticisms and trick consumers.

Millennials Rebel Against Corporate

Millennials Rebel Against Corporate Fluff

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mentality has long permeated the business world. Every corporate department has learned to talk the fancy talk of making the world a better place. But CSR’s home is always the marketing department. A key myth propping up CSR is that millennials want corporations to have…

Millennials CSR

Millennials CSR Myth

Millennials CSR – The Myth: One of the great myths used to support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea that millennials believe in CSR. Usually defined as young people born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials are supposedly filled with civic duty to save the world and expect corporations to do the…

csr survey

CSR Survey

75% of consumers would recommend a business that is Socially Responsible. 60% of consumers would pay extra if the company has a good CSR record. 65% of consumers have spent more on products with a positive impact on the environment. 70% of respondents lie on CSR surveys. CSR Surveys are a…

csr report

NPO & CSR: Corporate Charities

“Arts & Culture organizations received the most lucrative sponsorships” * NPO & CSR Not for Profit Organizations (NPO) and Charities have a long and complicated history. Some NPOs have done great and irreplaceable work. Other forms of charity, such as foreign aid, have long lists of criticisms and failures. There…

csr report

CSR Report

If you have seen a CSR report, publication or video you will notice a common theme. As these examples show, they are practically all cartoons. CSR Reports and publications are low on data, words and substance. They are filled with pictures, cute icons and large font. As AntiCSR usually points…

Christie’s CSR

Updated Again for Christie’s 2015 CSR Report (scroll to the end) If you don’t have exquisite tastes, you may not be familiar with Christie’s. It’s probably the world’s largest fine art auction house. Christie’s CSR publications provide a perfect example of Corporate Social Responsibility. In other words, it’s superficial and poorly…

Muhammad Yunus Criticism

Muhammad Yunus Criticism

We westerners have a weakness for these spiritually inclined men of India. [or Bangladesh] – Smuts (Gandhi, 1982 film). Muhammad Yunus Criticism, sorry, Accolades! Not since Mahatma Gandhi has a South Asian received so much praise. Within a few years the Great Muhammad Yunus has received more awards than anyone else….

powerful corporations

The Myth of Powerful Corporations

The Myth of Powerful Corporations One of the biggest myths of our age is the idea of big evil powerful corporations. One example of the myth is the common comparison of companies’ sales to countries’ GDP. As Forbes explains here, Exxon is not bigger than Thailand. This is a fallacy of…

social license criticism

Social License Criticism

Social License Criticism – What is a Social License to Operate? A common definition of a Social License is the local community’s acceptance of a business. A social permission to operate and ongoing community approval. An offshoot of the CSR movement, Social License to Operate is a term largely created by consultants. With…


Sustainability Report: Make your own!

Corporations spend large amounts of time and money making Sustainability Reports. CSR reports are out of style. Sustainability Reports are now all the rage in the business world. These reports may seem like a lot of work. Businesses hire consultants, design fancy graphics and compute complex statistics. But the reality is…


CSRCR: CSR Created Risk

The probability that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates negative consequences for a corporation, in areas of: reputation, financial, agency, legal, regulatory, operational, opportunity cost or governance. Related forms of CSR such as Creating Shared Value, Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility may also contribute to this risk.  Click here to read more on…

CSR unethical

CSR Unethical?

CSR is using social problems as advertising. Read about the CSR fraud here.

India's CSR law

India’s CSR law

Just as Corporate Social Responsibility is being recognized as ‘smoke and mirrors’, the Indian government is going to force companies into it. India’s CSR law requiring companies to spend 2% of net profits on CSR makes India an even worse place for business than it already is. India is legendary for being business…

thomas sowell

Thomas Sowell, economist

“much of the recent history of the western world, over the past three decades, has been replacing what worked with what sounded good” Thomas Sowell grew up in stereotypical poor, black Harlem and became one of America’s great economists. After dropping out of high school, Sowell was educated in the Universities…


Creating Shared Value (CSV)

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the newest form of appeasement, and actually admits the failure of CSR. Read about CSV here.

corporations are too powerful

The Critics of Business

Many critics are good at telling corporations what to do: higher wages, eco-friendly materials, unions, higher taxes & regulations, diversity in hiring, CSR, etc. Most of these people have never run a lemonade stand in their lives, but they’re experts on corporations.

the Left - Right Agreement

the Left – Right Agreement

If leftists and right-wingers can agree on one thing, it is that there’s no such thing as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. Leftists will say it is hypocrisy and fraudulent. Rightists will say it perverts business on the altar of politics.

Naomi Klein Criticism

Naomi Klein Incorporated

Open a book by Leftists like Naomi Klein and you will see “Copyright © Please do not reproduce my book without paying me first”. Her books like No Logo criticize capitalism, but she takes full advantage of the capitalist process of selling books, and living large off the proceeds. Another…

BP’s Greenwash

BP spent millions trying to appease environmentalists and western consumers. They ignored their core business of drilling, and had a massive oil spill. How many friends did their CSR win? Zero.

appease environmentalists

Chiquita’s Chamberlain

To appease environmentalists, Chiquita agreed to avoid Canadian oil. After a reverse boycott of Chiquita products, the company learnt the hard way about appeasing the eco-left.

whole foods

Whole Foods organic CSR!

Whole Foods, the most organic, progressive, heartwarming CSR buzzword company around. They also: stamp out independent competitors; markets organic & local products that aren’t; is anti-union; & only serves wealthy consumers read more about ‘liberal corporations’ here.

csr example

liberal companies

some of the cutest, most ‘liberal’ companies, such as Apple, Starbucks, etc, partake in the most shady corporate practices. Like tax avoidance. Apple pays only 2% tax on its overseas profits. Starbucks (UK) paid £9 million in tax on sales of £3 Billion. Read more: http://anticsr.com/liberal-corporations/


Companies with the most ‘guilt’ and critics, tend to have the most CSR. Tobacco, Oil companies, etc, spend huge amounts of time and money on CSR or what Friedman called, ‘window dressing’. Ironically, CSR can be used (inversely) to measure how ‘bad’ a company is.


the Shame of Profit

Revenues-Expenses=Profit… Many businesses are ashamed of this basic formula. They go through great lengths to hide their after-tax profits. When lefty critics accuse them of making millions or billions in profits, they hide in shame.

Nazi CSR

  A 1933 Hugo Boss advert proudly showing “Approved Supplier for SA & SS uniforms”

big business scapegoat

ungrateful incorporated

Capitalists and conservatives do the difficult task of defending corporations. Even banks and oil companies. These corporations repay us by appeasing the left, giving in to leftist demands.

corporations are too powerful

corporations are too powerful

The same leftists who believe corporations are too powerful, also want to bring corporations into the social-political sphere. Further increasing their power and influence. Read more here: The Myth of Powerful Corporations.