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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is supposed to benefit the rest of society and the environment. It has benefited one group above all, Graphic Designers.

Since CSR is mostly about marketing and brand management, pretty pictures have been the main result of CSR. The Design-Industrial-Complex has used CSR to entrenched its choke hold on businesses worldwide.

Here are just the front covers of some corporate CSR annual reports. These covers summarize the entire practice and industry of CSR. There is no need to actually read the reports. They don’t say much anyway.

No, they haven’t run out of green ink yet. There’s still a lot more of these Pretty CSR Pictures.
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These CSR Report covers accurately describe the self indulgent bourgeois mindset of the corporate world and the CSR industry. Concerned with their image and reputation.

CSR is almost entirely about convincing middle class consumers that the corporation is not as evil as generally believed.
Consumers want to know that a company isn’t just in it for profit, but is also trying to save the planet and feed the poor. This helps them decide which brand of detergent to buy.

However, CSR window dressing does the opposite of what it intends. It sends the message that corporations are guilty of something. After the corporate vampires of taken their blood, they must give back to the community… and planet, we mustn’t forget the planet.

To whom are these CSR Reports targeted to? Shareholders, consumers, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), lefty critics? More importantly, who actually reads these pretty publications of CSR pictures?

If you haven’t noticed, the official colors of CSR is leaf green and sky blue.

csr pictures

csr pictures









If the similar colors of CSR doesn’t yet look like a Fad, the CSR Fad page will show more pictures which demonstrate the changing fashion of CSR.

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CSR unethical



From The Economist: 
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