Millennials Rebel Against Corporate Fluff

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mentality has long permeated the business world. Every corporate department has learned to talk the fancy talk of making the world a better place. But CSR’s home is always the marketing department. A key myth propping up CSR is that millennials want corporations to have feelings and be “socially responsible”. Acting on this belief, marketing departments have had many failures. They’ve been forced to watched millennials rebel against corporate fluff.

A few recent examples shown here are Pepsi, Chevy Canada and Shea Moisture.

Pepsi’s attempt at connecting with young people

If it wasn’t bad enough Pepsi’s ad featured Kendall Jenner, its material quickly became a bad joke. Some consider it offensive. A peace and love protest ends cheerfully when the model give a police officer some Pepsi. It is difficult to explain how mindless this ad is, so here is a video of ABC News explaining. Of course this wouldn’t stop other corporate marketing failures using peace, love and celebrities.

Chevrolet Canada Dreams

Chevy Canada’s marketing video doesn’t show any cars, or even explain how environmental the cars are. With scenes of diverse peoples dancing, baking cakes and giving ‘free hugs’, the dream is to “make the world a better place”. Cute. This video was a box checking exercise. YouTube is full of young people, but for some reason this got more ‘thumbs down’ than up. Don’t millennials want to make the world a better place?

Millennials Rebel Against Corporate

more dislikes on the way…

Shea Moisture

“Everybody gets love!” Another cute commercial that created an angry backlash from customers. The company’s traditional consumers took offense at Shea’s new pale skin advertisement. This ‘diversity’ actually offended in ways you didn’t think a commercial could. This wasn’t a regular rebellion. This was a rebellion of young women. Shea’s cuteness managed to offend the most open minded and liberal demographic.

Millennials Rebel Against Corporate CSR

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