Oppose CSR

Et si omnes ego non - Even if all, not I

Most believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of marketing. Both inside and outside the business world. CSR is widely considered to be an insincere tool used for brand management. Many privately disagree with the pretenses of CSR. However few will admit this in public. Most will conform, and go along with CSR regardless of their true opinions. Most business people simply copy the fashion fads of the day. csr fad

The dangers of apathy and conformity have been proven throughout history. Yet free and democratic citizens become Soviet Apparatchiks when CSR is discussed. Afraid of having a different opinion, afraid of what others will think. Afraid to oppose CSR.

CSR turns confident business people into passive sheep with a herd mentality. They put their MBAs and critical thinking on hold. A kindergarten exercise of CSR-color-by-numbers takes over. Corporations are harmed when their managers take the easy way out and imitate the CSR fad. Society is harmed when social problems are turned into corporate advertisements.

Why Oppose CSR

We must understand the desire to be against CSR. We oppose CSR not because we are heartless. We are tired of seeing the world’s problems used to sell products. Tired of nuclear reactors and car companies ‘saving the planet’. Tired of business people submitting to the fancies of the left. Tired of social conformity to the current fad. Tired of economics subjugated and replaced by political correctness.

How to Oppose CSR

  • Avoid conformity and the herd mentality.
  • Speak out, contribute your own ideas. Don’t be afraid of others’ opinions and peer pressure.
  • Show independent thought and critical thinking.
  • Maintain your own business and moral judgement, even when in the minority.
  • Support and donate to causes that conduct research and publications against CSR.
  • Read more. Increase your understanding of economics and business.
  • Don’t believe the propaganda and marketing of CSR.
  • Don’t get pulled in to new replacements for CSR; such as CSV or Sustainability. Maintain a healthy skepticism.

Everyone celebrates free speech, but few use it. You should contribute to the democratic discourse. Contribute to business theory. As companies leave CSR, or have CSR failures, you will be on the right side of the debate. After the CSR fad has passed, you can proudly say you weren’t a part of it. oppose csr

As a group, businessmen have been withdrawing for decades from the ideological battlefield, disarmed by the deadly combination of altruism and Pragmatism. Their public policy has consisted in appeasing, compromising and apologizing: appeasing their crudest, loudest antagonists; compromising with any attack, any lie, any insult; apologizing for their own existence…
Today, the last group one can expect to fight for capitalism is the capitalists.  -Ayn Rand.